Current plan:

  • Transition to self-employment
  • Take on contract work
  • Finish Shatter Toolkit v2
  • Keep toolkits up to date with latest changes to Unity 2018 (Scriptable Render Pipelines, Job system etc)
  • New things in the works...

Shatter Toolkit

Planned in version 2:

  1. Voronoi fracturing
  2. New polygon-based splitting algorithm (should mean lower triangle count after a split and much better repeated splitting performance)
  3. Editor tools for working with large scale models
  4. Multiple materials per game object
  5. Improved documentation (see the Ocean Toolkit readme)
  6. Better and more helper scripts
  7. Fixes for minor bugs that I've collected since the last update

Ocean Toolkit


  1. Make the waves fade with distance in a more graceful manner
  2. Add compatibility with different fog solutions and shadows
  3. Underwater image effect


  • User-tweakable parameters for the Screen Space Raytracing reflections (v1.1)

Things I would like to do some day:

  • Better looking sharp waves
  • Boat trail/wake effect

Buoyancy Toolkit


  1. A callback that triggers when rapid changes in the submerged volume (of a sample) occurs so that water splashes can be instantiated dynamically

Things I would like to do some day:

  • A "Simple Buoyancy Force" script that is less accurate and can be used when performance is key (when there are thousands of objects in the water)