Ocean Toolkit (v1.0)

The Ocean Toolkit is a code package for the Unity3D game engine that brings realistic infinite ocean rendering to your project. The water surface is offset according to a custom wave function which can be used to control large scale waves. Small scale waves are realized using scrolling normal maps. The toolkit is easy to use and does not require any coding.

Works with the GO Buoyancy Toolkit (v2) out of the box.


  • Realistic infinite ocean rendering
  • Customizable wave function that offsets the water surface
  • Small scale detail realized using scrolling normal maps
  • Refraction and underwater light absorption to accurately convey depth
  • Reflections using Screen Space Raytracing or conventional reflection probes
  • Shoreline foam
  • Optional caustics for the seafloor
  • Clean look that fits most projects


  • The ocean does not blend properly when using the Forward rendering path on the D3D9 platform when antialiasing is enabled. All other combinations of platforms, rendering paths and settings have been tested and confirmed to work well. (I'm looking into this issue and will release an update once it is fixed)
  • The toolkit is designed for one Ocean component per scene. You can theoretically have several oceans in one scene but it will look odd since each ocean stretches out to the horizon and they will overlap.
  • There is currently no image effect for when the camera is below the water surface.

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WebGL (no SSR)





Supported platforms

Unity 5 (Desktop/Mobile)