Hello! My name is Gustav. This site is a repository of projects I am working on and things I have created in the past. I have always been interested in making things and programming has been my main focus ever since I first found out about computers 20 years ago.

Looking back, it is interesting and strange to me that the compulsion to create a world on a computer screen, a seemingly stumbled upon compulsion, kept my attention for so long and made me learn so much along the way. Now when I for the first time in my life know enough about game programming to realize my ideas as a kid, I move on to other things.

What other things, you may (or more probably, may not) ask? I don't know yet. I have explored a lot of ideas and learned a lot of new things in the last couple of years, but not finished many projects. I have become interested in creating things that interact with the physical world and in things made for a greater purpose.